True to my word, I’m posting again. The last post I wrote was in response to good news on a couple fronts. And I think that needs more thought.

Some people wander through life with nary a hitch. It seems like nothing bad ever happens to them.  They work, get promoted, work more… They get married, live happily ever after, have children when they want them–piece of cake–and so on.  I wonder if maybe eventually they just die of boredom.

Misfortune has not passed me by! I’ve lost many loved ones in the past few years, including a beloved daughter. There have been many times when I did NOT want to continue living, but here I am. And you want to know why?

Because there are still many people on earth whom I love and who love me.  People who would really be hurt if I weren’t here, helping them, loving them.  People who share with me all the little victories and celebrations each of us experience from time to time.–as well as the hardships. We each help each other through them all. It’s a special element in our collective life.

And today is one of those days when I think about this–how lucky I am. It’s gorgeous out–bright sun, blue sky, wispy white clouds, and a blanket of soft, fluffy snow all over. It’s the kind of day when you know all is right with the world and nothing bad can touch you. You’re invincible.

It’s the kind of day when you should hit that keyboard and write the next chapter in your book! So here I go…