Anatomy of Love

I’ve always said that love is the most important ingredient in life, especially when bringing up your children. I’m a firm believer in a) letting your children know you love them, and b) knowing and feeling that love will keep them on the straight and narrow and help them lead meaningful adult lives.

But love is much more than that, does much more than that. It can be shown/demonstrated in so many different ways. And it can be infused, appreciated, embraced in so many different ways.

In our very recent life, we’ve been inundated with completely emotionally and physically draining informational overload. Bad informational overload. Actually, the information isn’t bad, the problem it’s dealing with is bad. Seriously bad. So, our emotional stamina is at a record low. Or, at least it was until we were also inundated with love—which has been very sustaining, empowering, strengthening.

See, love is when an old friend calls you out of the blue to reaffirm the friendship and offer her own trials and a listening ear for ours.
Love is when a granddaughter, graduating soon as a Therapy Masseuse, comes to give you a fantastic massage. And a grandson surprises us with a visit immediately after his plane lands from Oregon.

Love is when another granddaughter and grandson just come over to have lunch with us, clean the kitchen, bring in my groceries and put them away, bring up my clean laundry and help me make my bed, put the second load of wash into the drier, move a little furniture and put away blankets and pillows–remnants from our rearranging for new furniture (a recliner chair).

Love is when my sister calls me, as she travels with her husband to family for Thanksgiving, just to check on how we are, how things are, and to part with encouraging words.

Love is when the assistant manager at the store where we bought the recliner chair (so Paul can sleep comfortably) sends us a card wishing us love for the holidays, thanking us for “making her day” when we were there, and letting us know that she had personally taken care of the delivery fee.

Love is when yet another grandson rushes over to set up our computers, making them functional and compatible, and proudly shows us the home he hopes to buy soon.

The love within and between us has grown immeasurably and nourishes us as we accept and relish that of our friends and relatives. It is the very essence of who we are, of what we are meant to be, and the most important ingredient of the common, strengthening link in our circle of life.