I Can Tie My Shoes!

Last week as I began my daily walk, I fell. Splat on the sidewalk.The doctor at Urgent Care neglected to order x-rays of my right hand, even though I mentioned the bruising and pain there. She did have x-rays of my chest: no broken ribs or bleeding there. But as the week wore on, the pain in my right hand increased to where I couldn’t use it.

Back to Urgent Care. X-rays showed the hand is broken and a cast was wrapped around it, from my fingertips to almost my elbow. All this by way of saying I have to do everything with my left hand. Aaaarrrrggghhh! Including typing this blog. I won’t get into all the frustrating trials and failures: brushing teeth, washing/combing my hair, driving the car so the cast doesn’t keep turning the windshield wipers on, getting dressed/undressed, jewelry/earrings? Forget about it!

But, as so often happens when a hardship befalls you, I began to think of those people who LIVE, every day, with such a handicap. The frustration and inconvenience never go away. NEVER. My miserable four weeks or so are nothing in comparison.

Think of our enlisted people and veterans. Especially those who have been deployed. I will tell you that none–not one–of them comes back unscathed. They walk and talk like they always did before? Don’t believe for one minute there isn’t a landmine ready to go off inside.

I know of one young man, physically healthy looking/acting, a veteran of Afghanistan, Iraq, and “Actions” in two other Mid-Eastern countries I don’t remember, who suffers from PTSD. He was driving to work one quiet Sunday morning when a sudden loud noise startled him. Thinking it was enemy fire, he swerved and hit a utility pole head-on. He survived, but not without brain damage. Now he has memory problems serious enough to prevent him from finding work and from utilizing the bachelor’s degree  for which he’d worked so long and hard.

So I have it easy. Easy-peasy. And this morning, I figured out how to tie my sneakers!

If you’d like to join me in helping our brave and suffering veterans, click on this link.  http://www.gofundme.com/daveswalk    Support Dave’s Walk as he walks across the country to help homeless veterans. Believe me, any help they receive will be SO appreciated,


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