Green and Growing

It’s Spring, I guess. Our weather has been not only unpredictably weird, but dramatic to boot. Today, we’re experiencing April showers. Okay, semi-torrential showers, speaking of weird and dramatic. But, as we all know, April showers bring May flowers. (Time permitted here for a little soft shoe….) Already we’re seeing buds on the trees and bushes, and crocuses, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths in bloom. Everything is turning green and growing.

That brings me to today’s subject: growing, as in being educated, being mature, being responsible.

My granddaughter, Brittany, recently turned 21. She’s beautiful, as are all my grandkids, of course, inside and out. And she’s a writer. I mean, she’s REALLY a writer, as in, she writes pretty much all day every day, or at least five solid days a week. She is a dedicated writer. She goes against what almost every famous writer advises: Don’t quit your day job to write.

Her income, or lack thereof, is not my concern today. Her blog of today is. It’s about education. I urge you to check it out because her “indiegree” program is, I think, brilliant. Her opinion of getting a traditional college education, however, leaves me wincing.

We bring our own experiences to our decisions and opinions, and my experience was that it wasn’t necessary for “girls” to have an education. My parents gave me one year of college because I was given a scholarship, which presented a conundrum: Depression logic dictated that we must not give up that “won” money, but sending a son to college took precedence, and the remaining college expense for me—a girl—was way too much. So we settled on one year. Oh! How I wanted to go for a complete Bachelor program. As it turned out, I returned to school at age 45 on my own and graduated magna cum laude. Take that, 50’s society!

I will say that when you go to college as a more mature adult, you have motivation and an eagerness to learn that young people often neglect to develop. Also, many young people don’t have to consider other options. Their parents, and society, expect them to go to college—the women as well as the men—so that part of the equation is a done deal. The sad part these days is the horrendous debt young people amass from college.

Back to Brittany and her blog. She’s a supporter of different or freer forms of education. But beyond that—here’s her brilliance showing—she is offering us alternatives to the old college try. I’m not going to spoil the surprise, but I urge you to go there, to browse through what she has to offer, to educate yourself. I know you won’t be disappointed. Here’s the link again:


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