Time n. 1. The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. (The Oxford College Dictionary.) Through the years (another measurement of time), a myriad of sayings have developed to give us excuses for our lack of accomplishment. Time passes, it marches on, it waits for no one, it flies, it is served, it can be done (as in doing time)…
I wonder who on earth invented time, anyway. Can you imagine living with someone who did? Someone who went on to measure light years, for Pete’s sake? (What a measuring stick that must have been!) There are several different calendars used among us humans to divide time incrementally, which means there were several very strange people out there many years ago, probably doing nothing but long division.
Picture a woman, bent from years of slaving over hot rocks, calling to her husband, “Come for lunch, Dear.” And he responds from his prone position in the bearskin hammock, “I am busy, Woman, making days, weeks and years. Besides, it is not time for lunch. The sun is not yet in position.”
When it comes to meals, I need no measurement of time, no clock, no sun, no fire department’s siren. My stomach tells me, loud and clear, when it’s time (that word again) to eat.
There are other reminders and markers of time, but these require calendars, I suppose: important personal events (weddings, births, deaths) as well as national holidays.
Time is elusive. It is literally here today and gone tomorrow. Although we can’t see it, it, with its strength and power, is impervious to any kind of intervention. No one can stop it. And that’s the dilemma.
All this is by way of saying, Boy! Have I been completely negligent in writing my blog! And it isn’t just my blog. My writing—period—has suffered as I’ve been rushing hither, thither and yon to musical events, babysitting, graduations, dinners out, weddings… The list is almost as endless as time. So, it’s time’s fault!  But I’m back in the saddle. Back at my computer, back with my dictionary and thesaurus, and back with my novel on the screen in front of me.
Now, there’s one place where time stands still.


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  1. Paul
    Jul 07, 2013 @ 06:55:23

    It’s been two days (TIME) since seeing this post and I just found the time to read it.

    Very good. Send off to a publisher……………….


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