Life is Interesting

Fifteen days into the New Year and it’s hard to settle on a single subject about which to write. I had a birthday (New Year’s Day); I gained pounds (but those cookies were so good!); I got my updated website set, although I can’t seem to get the final edits to ftp over; a brother-in-law passed, ending that generation of Baiers; and the sales are racking up on my Roar of Revenge.

So which do I write about? I guess, when you consider it, all of it can be chalked up to the pot pourri of Life. The good and the bad. Some of it can be corrected:  I’m dieting to lose those cookies; I’m studying FileZilla to get the corrected pages to my website; I’m talking up my book to generate more sales; and, as I miss my brother-in-law, I continue to grow older.

But it’s all these little and not so little things that constitute our lives. We eat, we work, we sleep, we grumble at the setbacks, and we laugh over our joys, our triumphs. Life is a jumble of happenings, many of them repetitive. Downright boring. It’s the odd things that grab our attention and we focus on those until the dust settles and we’re back on the normal schedule of eat-work-sleep.

Most of the time, we just keep rollin’, like that old river. The first of every year, year after year, we try to re-evaluate our status, our goals, our needs, where we’re deficient. And, if we’re honest with ourselves, where we neglected to achieve our goals from last year’s evaluation. Ouch! That one hurts.

So I’m going to wimp out and not write down my goals. I have them in my head where my psyche bumps into them often. I’ll just let Life happen, recover, and continue where I left off—or start all over again.

Just keep on rollin’.