‘Tis the Season

I don’t know about you, but I am just about partied out. I mean, seven parties in two weeks, one of which was right here, with me doing all the food preparations? That, I think, constitutes “partied out.”

The problem with attending so many parties is that you lose sight of what this season is all about. Yes, being with family and friends is good, is a really good example of the joy of family, of special occasions.

But Christmas, specifically, has always been and will always be the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Somewhere within all the folderol and commercialism and, yes, parties, should be some moments of contemplation. What are we doing here? And why?

The story of Jesus being born in a stable is particularly poignant this year, especially if you consider the many people made homeless and/or destitute by Hurricane Sandy, by the ugly hatreds in Syria and Egypt (his birthplace, for Pete’s sake!) and by the poverty in Africa. One wonders how many other babes are born in like circumstances.

I’m not going to suggest thoughts or concepts for you to ponder during this season. I’m sure you get this from all around you. (And although Christmas itself is about Christ’s birth, there are other holy days being celebrated now as well.) But I will ask you some questions.

Do you take care of your lawn and gardens with our future in mind? Do you help your friend/neighbor when he/she is ill or in need? Do you ever make a call to an aging relative? Do you think of Mother Earth in terms of you/us in it? Or it as a tiny part of a huge universe, which will surely be affected when we finally kill our planet?

Did you ever think that if each of us did all of those things on a regular basis—each of us all over the world—there would be no more war or conflict or maybe even no more poverty.

It’s really so simple. The season and the solution it offers, I mean. Do you think we’ll ever get it?


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