Nature’s Bounty

There is something about Nature that speaks to the soul.  It can be a scene of serenity that brings such a depth of peace; it can be a violent storm that fills your whole being with excitement and fear; it can be a beautiful sunset that is the perfect metaphor for death and resurrection. It doesn’t matter where in the universes you are, Nature surrounds you. It links you to everything.

This past weekend, I spent the better part of a day in Sodus Point, NY.  A charming, busy, peopled little village protruding into Lake Ontario, it is a hub of local and touristy activity in the summer months.  One of the little watering holes/restaurants there—Coop’s Deck—was featuring a musical group called Old Guys with Guitars. Bob Grocki, a friend, was one of the singers/guitarists.  The food was good and the music and singing was very enjoyable, especially sitting on the sunny deck overlooking Sodus Bay.

After the abundance of food, drink and seaside surroundings, my group went, by invitation, to a nearby B&B owned by Bob’s sister and brother-in-law, Nancy and Bob Urrutia. But the ambience here was completely different:  tranquil, elegant, and breathtakingly beautiful. See for yourself at their website:

The Cliffs at Sodus Point ~ one of New York’s finest upscale Bed and Breakfast Lodgings in Sodus Point

My personal guided tour of the complex convinced me that this is the perfect hideaway for a writing retreat. Every suite has a view of Nature at its loveliest. There are many little areas for quiet reflection, for writing in solitude, for talking business—whichever you need.

And Nature is the star attraction. What more could anyone ask for?



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