Two posts in two days! I’m shocked at myself. But some good things are happening to me and mine these days, so I’d like to hoot and holler about that.

A family member who hit a telephone pole head-on (in his car) on his way to work a couple weeks ago is improving drastically. It is so amazing to see how our brains work. Or how they don’t work, in parts, so to speak. He can speak–in sentences, clearly, and only little aphasia now. (Look it up.) Still no memory, but doctors believe that will come back, too. And after a little more physical therapy, he should be able to walk again. Amazing!

Another family member is getting his “feet on the ground” after several years of foundering. Ah hallelujah!

And the other night, I received an email from an editor of an e-book publisher asking to see the whole story I had written. (I had sent a query letter and first ten pages of my manuscript to the company a short while ago.) Any writer out there knows that that is good news, indeed, to an author.

So that’s why I’m posting twice in the same week. Good news is worth the extra effort!



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  1. Patti Olesik
    Jan 28, 2012 @ 21:48:13

    It was nice meeting you today, Joan. Congratulations again on the progress with the publishing company. Keep us posted.


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