A few weeks ago, I attended a writing conference led by Deb Dixon. The Friday night session was interesting, but Saturday’s all-day session on GMC–Goal, Motivation and Conflict–consisted of the best technical information on writing fiction that I’ve ever received. EVER!! And I’ve attended close to 100, if not even more, writing seminars/conferences.

Very fast paced,  she covered all the points in her book in that one day. She had helpful handouts, as well.

I am no newcomer to writing. I’ve been published many times and for many years, but Ms. Dixon blew me away with her approach to insuring that her characters are solid, convincing, and true to themselves. I want my characters to be so well-defined, so true-to-life, so I bought her book:  GMC. Goal, Motivation and Conflict, The Building Blocks of Good Fiction by Debra Dixon. Amazon charges a ridiculous price for it, so I suggest going to Gryphon Books. (I can’t remember the website, but if I find it I’ll add it here later.)

It’s an important book to have on your bookshelf. It’s jam-packed with no-nonsense ideas and complete with down-to-earth examples. Do I have to add here that I highly recommend it?