Oboy! Have I got a book for you! I’m sure you’ve heard about it. Room. That’s the book. THE book. Emma Donoghue, transplanted from Ireland to Canada, proves once again that the Irish truly do have a silver tongue.

Room, the book, shows us microcosms and macrocosms as very separate worlds.  You read about Room’s world, Outside’s world, and the world of language from a life-long isolated five-year-old’s perspective. Donoghue very cleverly interprets words, and situations described in words, as that child would. She speaks in the child-talk of a boy without even once having it sound as contrived “baby talk”. It’s real.

This is a serious study of captivity, treated in a manner by which the reader recognizes the violence and depravity of it while admiring “Ma’s” bravery and creativity in keeping Jack safe. Even though the subject at hand is very disturbing, the story is an enjoyable read and a page-turner to the very end.

Donoghue exhibits her creativity on so many levels in this book:  the treatment of the subject matter, the language, the solution and the resolution. This is a must-read. Don’t walk–RUN–to your nearest library and put your name on the Hold list.


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