I read about 4 books every 2-3 weeks. I LOVE my books, getting into another world, another dimension of thought and activity.
My current books, among a couple others, are two of Jodi Picoult’s: Songs of the Humpback Whales and Nineteen Minutes. These are adult novels and deal with adult plots, although Nineteen Minutes is a fictional take-off of the Columbine massacre. Picoult delves into the before and after emotions and problems of the teens and their families. Pretty dynamic, powerful stuff, made more so with Picoult’s talented use of our language.

London Holiday by Richard Peck was a rather interesting read, although not a gripping tale. I’ve read his children’s books and thought them quite good.

Iain Lawrence’s The Lightkeeper’s Daughter was an excellent read. I picked up the book to read more at every opportunity. It’s YA (young adult) and just as involving for adults as for teens.

The other young people’s book I highly recommend is Linda Sue Park’s When My Name Was Keoko. This story brings the history of Korea in the late 1930s to early 1940s to life as you read about Keoko’s family during those difficult times of Japanese rule there.

An adult book I really enjoyed reading was Richard North Patterson’s Silent Witness. This is a page-turner, all the moreso because it is well-written.

Another book I tried to read was James Patterson’s You’ve Been Warned. Sorry, but I couldn’t get beyond the first 50 pages.


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