Ballet and Saranac on 06/18/2009 02:09 pm:

Yesterday was a ying-and-yang day. After spending several glorious days in the Adirondacks with my good friends, Mary and Don, I left them and drove the 4 1/2 hours back home.  Then, last night, I attended the year-end performance of Ballet Theatre, the dance school in Greece, NY founded and developed by my daugher, Mary Kay. She died 3 years ago, but the school perseveres, albeit very different from what her exceptional command of everything had achieved.

Anyway, the first half of the performance was filled with, primarily, modern dance, which I neither appreciate nor understand. But the second half presented the basics of classical ballet followed by excerpts of the ballet Giselle. My granddaughter, Brittany,  performed a solo which stirred me (and others) to our very souls.

She is a lovely, talented ballerina!

Another very touching part of the performance was the delicate “kiss” each of the older students threw upwards to Mary Kay as they took their bows. Of course, their outstanding dance technique was per-

formed for Mary Kay, too–a tribute to Mary Kay’s dedication as a teacher and a reflection of the girls’ love and respect for her.

And Mary Kay, here is my hug and kiss for you. Catch!


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